Yasir Shah cleared in 14-year-old young girl assault case

Shah, who was once named with his partner for the scenario ultimate month, was once cleared after the casualty expressed that he did not have something to do with the episode.

The case had been reserved underneath Area 376 of the Pakistan Correctional Code (Discipline for assault), Segment 292B and 292C of the PPC that prepared the path of express substance.

Shah was once eased subsequent to being cleared for the state of affairs as it used to be influencing his cricketing exercises.

“Because of Allah All-powerful, the whole lot is clear now,” Yasir Shah instructed Cricket Pakistan.

“Presently I can definitely tune in to the game. Because of this case, there was once a ton of unsettling impact which likewise impacted cricket exercises,” he added.

The leg-spinner is moreover looking forward to enjoying the domestic Test sequence towards Australia, in the now not so far away future.

“I’m at present totally suited and looking ahead to Australia going through Pakistan. I performed a four-day suit and in modern times I will try to provide a pleasant presentation each time I get an opportunity in the sequence in opposition to Australia in Spring,” he said.

Subtleties of the occurrence

A FIR used to be enrolled on the objection of the casualty’s auntie at Shalimar Police headquarters in Islamabad on December 19, 2021.

The complainant, who is an inhabitant of F-10 area in Islamabad, stated that she has acknowledged Yasir Shah for a lengthy while. On June 1 this 12 months when she went to Lahore to go to a birthday party on Yasir Shah’s greeting, she took her 14-year-old niece with her.

The female let the police comprehend that a few months in the wake of getting back from the party, she noticed that her niece was “unwell and upset”.

When I requested her extra more than once, my niece let me know that Yasir’s partner Farhan took her range and later on proposed to her, the complainant said. He used to get Yasir to speak with her, she added. “On August 14, when she was once getting again from academic costs, Farhan precipitated her to get into a taxi and took her to a degree in F-11 the place he assaulted her at gunpoint and rather made a video,” the auntie said, as the police recorded this in the FIR.

Farhan compromised the teen that assuming she trained anyone regarding this, he would make her video emerge as a net sensation and would likewise kill her, the FIR states.

The accused acquired Yasir Shah to undermine that assuming she stopped a grievance, he would have her implicated in a bogus case as he was once a nicely recognised participant and had contacts, expresses the FIR.

After a month, Farhan extorted her once more into assembling him and assaulted her as soon as more. This time, Farhan tried to constrain her to go into a relationship with Yasir and made her dialogue to him over telephone, the FIR states.

The complainant stated that when she got here to be acquainted with this, she reached Yasir Shah on September eleven or 12 over WhatsApp. The cricketer used to be in the West Indies round then.

The auntie let the police understand that Yasir Shah ridiculed the memory and stated that the child used to be great and he desired underage younger ladies. He stated that he would get the teenager hitched to his associate and this would assist each him and his companion. The complainant asserts that Yasir Shah took steps to have her killed. 

As indicated with the aid of the FIR, when the woman stated that she would go to the police, the cricketer proposed to undergo each and every one of the youngster’s prices assuming the auntie wedded the child to Farhan. He would do this until she became 18 years of age and would even alternate the duty for a degree in her name.

The complainant stated she met Farhan a few days prior upon Yasir Shah’s solicitation alternatively Farhan compromised her. She stated that Yasir used to be coming to Islamabad and wanted to meet her on December 22. Yasir had requested that she elevate the youngster to his level, and she informed the police. 

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